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KNOW INDIA with the truth
prof rameshwar mishra
Prof. Rameshwar Prasad
Mishra “Pankaj”
prof kusumlata
Kusumlata Kedia

Major Books on Hindu India


Unveiling the nature of false propoganda regarding Hindu Society and Indian Nation

religion, Dharma, Spritual

Gandhiji ki Vishva dristi
hindu india bharat
Visvya sabhyata

Recommended Readings



Recommended Readings

  1. Ram Swarup
    1. The Word As Revelation: Names of Gods
    2. Hindu View of Christianity and Islam
    3. Understanding Islam through Hadis
    4. Sanatan Dharma: Anusmriti Aur Anudhyan
    5. Mediations: Yogas, Gods and Religions
    6. Women in Islam
  2. Sita Ram Goel
    1. Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them. Vol. 1
    2. Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them. Vol. 2
    3. Muslim Separatism: Causes and Consequences
    4. History of Hindu-Christian Encounters: A.D. 304 – A.D. 1996.
    5. The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India
    6. Pseudo-Secularism
    7. India’s Secularism
    8. Genesis and Growth of Nehruism
    9. Islam vis-à-vis Hindu Temples
    10. Defense of Hindu Society
    11. Hindu Society Under Siege
    12. Jesus Christ: An Artifice for Aggression
  3. David Frawley
    1. Gods, Sages and Kings
    2. In Search of the Cradle of Civlization
    3. Hinduism: The Eternal Tradition
    4. Arise Arjuna
    5. Awaken Bharata
    6. Hinduism and the Clash of Civilization
    7. The Myth of Aryan Invasion of India
    8. The Rigveda    
  4. Koenraad Elst
    1. Negationism in India
    2. Ram Janmabhoomi vs. Babari Masjid
    3. Ayodhya and After
    4. Ayodhya: The Case Against the Temple
    5. Ayodhya: The Finale: Science vs. Secularism
    6. Gandhi and Godse
    7. Indigenous Indians
    8. Who is a Hindu?
    9. The Saffron Swastika
    10. Decolonizing the Hindu Mind
  5. Navratna Rajaram
    1. The Hindu View of the World
    2. Profiles in Deception: Ayodhya and the Dead Sea Scrolls
    3. Saraswati River Civilization
  6. Kishori Sharan Lal
    1. The Mughal Harem
    2. Indian Muslims: Who Are They?
    3. The Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India
    4. The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India
    5. Growth of Scheduled and Scheduled Tribes
  7. Harsh Narain
    1. Jizyah and the Spread of Islam
    2. The Myth of Composite Culture

Other writers suggested

Subhash Kak, K D Sethna, Suhas Majumdar, Jay Dubashi, Ishwar Sharan, Francois Gautier, Shankar Sharan, B B Kumar and others.




  1. 1. India was Never Subjugated A historical book by Prof R P Mishra and Prof. Kusumlata Kedia. This book deals in short the whole history of India...

2. Kabhi bhi Paradheen Nahin raha hai Bharat The original work, on which India was Never Subjugated, mentioned above, is based. Published by Pehle-pahal Prakashan, Bhopal .

3. Bharat Hazaron Varshon Ki Paradheenta: Ek Aupniveshik BhramjaalThe original full-length version on which both India was never conquered and Kabhi bhi Paradheen Nahin Raha Hai Bharat are based....

4. Vishwa Sabhyata: Bhartiya Drishti  - This book discusses the prominent contemporary civilizations of the world through Indian perspective and underlines the strategy of India to emerge with self-respect and confidence...

5. World Civilization: Indian Perspective – The translation of Vishwa Sabhyata: Bhartiya Drishti. In press.

6. Streetva: Dharanayein Evam YathartaThe book discusses the idea of feminity in Indian Muslim and Christian civilizations separately.

7. Feminity: Constructs and Realities – Translation of Streetva.

8. Gandhiji and Christianity – English translation of Gandhiji and Isaiyat. The Christian Mission’s Conversion program has become the talk of the day. …

9. Gandhiji Aur Isaiyat – The book its full of quotations from the collected works of Mahatma Gandhi as mentioned above, published by Prabhat Prakashan...

10. Gandhiji Ane Khristpanth – The Gujarati translation of Gandhiji Aur Isaiyat.

11. Samriddhi Ahimsak Bhi Ho Sakti Hai – This is a book on economics, discussing the Nature and concept of property, wealth and pleasure.

12. Samriddhi, Sampatti Aur Sukh – The concise version of Samriddhi Ahimsak Bhi Ho Sakti Hai.
(All the above mentioned 12 books have been written by Prof. R P Mishra and Prof. Kusumlata Kedia jointly. The books mentioned below are written by Prof. R P Mishra.)

13. Gandhiji Ki Vishwadrishti – The book discusses the life-view and world-view of Mahatma Gandhi, heavily quoting from the collected works of Mahatma Gandhi...

14. Gandhiji Aur Sampradayikta – A booklet discussing the nature of communalism in view of Gandhi.

15. BhagvadGita Ke Darshan Ki Kasauti Par Mahatma Gandhi: Guna Aur Dosh – This booklet discusses the virtues and the limitations of Mahatma Gandhi, in view of the philosophy of the Bhagvad Gita...

16. Vaicharik Swarajya – The book discusses the nature of Swaraj in ideas. Published by Ram Swarup Smriti Nyas, Varanasi. Price 40/-

17. Sanskritik Asmita Ki Prateek: Gomata – The book discusses the plays of cow and cow-worship in the Hindu Dharma from the Vedic times to modern times..

18. Hindu Manisha Par Yurandpanthi Grihan ki Gatha  (The Eclipse of Hindu Intellect by the Euro-Indian intellectual sect) – This is a deep political analysis of 19th and 20th centuries in Indian political scenario and the eclipse of Hindu intellect by the Euro-Indian intellectual sect.

19. Aaj Ki Apekshayein (Today’s Expectations) – Published from Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi. Price Rs. 80/- Now out of print.

20. Rashtriya Vimarsh Ka Aahwan – The book is a call for national debate on contemporary national issues. Its foreword has been written by Shri Kup. Si. Sudarshan, the ex-Sar Sangh Chalak of RSS...
(The following books are written by Prof. Kusumlata Kedia.)

21. Roots of Under-development: A Peep into India’s Colonial Past – The book is an articulate and persuasive diagnosis of the problem of underdevelopment.

22. Debt Trap or Death Trap – The book analyzes the reality of India’s development vis-à-vis the foreign debt and the relation between the two...

23. Genetic Assumptions of Development Theories – The book analyzes the psyche, leading to the formation of contemporary economic theories which developed parallel to Imperialism and Colonialism.

24. Drishti Dosh to Vikalp Kaise? – A book in Hindi by the celebrated scholar, which shows that diagnosing the problem through one system and then trying to treat it with another system, is faulty.

25. Gender Issues in Gandhian Perspective – The book is in press.

26. Stri Prashna: Hindu Samaj Mein Paithati Isai Manasikta – The book is an in-depth study about the psyche of modern educated Hindus who see the issue of feminity in the light of Euro-Christian experiences, jaundiced with a skewed perspective.

27. Shivaji: The Great Hindu Warrior and Emperor – The author has analyzed Shivaji’s emergence in the continuity of Maharana Pratap and the Vijayanagara Empire.


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